EVENT: Intro to the SpeakEasy Speaking and Storytelling Program – DEC 1st!

EVENT: Intro to the SpeakEasy Speaking and Storytelling Program – DEC 1st!

If you’re interested in learning about the art and science of speaking and storytelling, this event is for you. Michel Neray is a 20 year veteran as a professional speaker and is the founder of momondays — the longest-running storytelling event in Toronto that is now in 12 cities across Canada. Michel has spoken in seven countries at conferences and for major corporations. Stephen Pryce is making a name for himself as a smart, insightful, (and hilarious) stand-up comic who also produces hugely successful events.


In this relaxed but information-rich session over brunch, Michel and Stephen will take you through a few simple exercises to get more comfortable with public speaking, and give you the basics to help you take your speaking and storytelling to the next level.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Michel and Stephen anything you might be wondering about the professional speaking and storytelling world. If you’ve ever wondered how you can become highly-paid speaker… or, how to develop your own niche market… or, how you can use speaking and storytelling skills to become more effective in your current job… or, how to use humour to make a serious point… this is the place to get those answers!


11:00 Welcome and Make New Friends

11:15 Overcoming Mental Barriers and Developing A Stage-Ready Mindset

12:00 The Power of Pacing – How to Control The Rhythm, Cadence and Pace of Your Talk For Maximum Punch

1:00 ‘Ask Me Anything’ over Brunch

2:00 Enjoy The Rest of Your Day!

Whether you are thinking that you’d like to maybe, possibly get over your fear of public speaking, or you’ve had the taste of the stage and can’t wait to get more of it, don’t miss this session! It will be the best (and most affordable) three hours of training, exercises and learning you’ll likely ever get!

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from the professionals who are ready, willing and able to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Learn more about Michel Neray at http://neray.com

Learn more about Stephen Pryce at http://brazenself.com

Get your tickets here: https://e.sparxo.com/20181201speakeasyintro?fbclid=IwAR0f4x4-kB8JYzf-bqrDq0heONqlhs0LHztGvMhUTKSI5oB-ktsMjYsD0VA


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